Project Aaron – A message from Daniel Loh (Founder of Stellar Education)

In this series, we will be featuring students stories and their journey in seeking higher education.


Project Aaron – A message from Daniel Loh (Founder of Stellar Education)
Aaron came to us about a year ago, looking for home tuition to complete his IGSCE program.At 17, he is currently in his final year and in the midst of searching for the right institution and course and we are here to ensure that he will be put at the right place where he can grow to his full potential.

Aaron is not the first student we have come across with a messy education journey in Malaysia though some may not be privilege to have parents who are financially sound like himself. We spent time understanding him, trying to find the missing links in his behaviour on disliking school and studies, what he truly loves to do and what he hope to see himself become in future.

Well not everyone can catch what we are trying to do at a instance, but we have noticed huge improvements in Aaron. He is still a work in progress, but the willingness to learn is what he will take away from us when he takes on the real world.

Please note that we have allowed Aaron to join our team while waiting for his results and he will be studying all the higher education providers available to him while we provide guidance alongside. A note to the schools out there, please be nice to him as you never know he might in the near future be one of your students.

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