Project Aaron: My Story

A little about ME

Hi, my name is Aaron. I’m 17 this year. I have been a homeschool and private school student for about 6 years now. Prior to this, I spent the first 4 years of my primary school education in Singapore. It was when i was about 10 years old, i began to go through a rebellious phase of my life and started staying away from school. I came out with a whole lot of excuses like the usual ‘ I’m having a headache!’, ‘ a stomach ache and dizziness’. It’s when i started missing classes, my homework started piling up to a point I couldn’t catch up and cope up with. With all these stress, having to wake up 4am in the morning and arriving home 8pm late in the night was another reason that i decided to come back to Malaysia.


My ‘messed-up’ primary/secondary education journey in Malaysia

During the transition, coming back from Singapore, I wasted an entire month in my house playing computer games and watching gaming videos. I remembered my Dad and Mum counselling me numerous times trying to get me to put myself together. Very shortly, my Mum found me a private school which offers IGCSE programs.


I remembered it was about September when I enrolled into the school. This private school is only 10 mins away from my house but I was not at all excited as my friends back then were all studying in Singapore. My class in this private school consists of students who are several years younger or older than me. Being spoilt by the beautiful  and well-equipped schools in Singapore, my new ‘school’ is made up of a two three-stories shophouses.

In the last semester of 2015, when i was in my Year 9, i began to be weary of going to school. I skipped all my exams that year and took up my courage and told my Dad that I have decided  to drop out of school. He advised me that I should continue studying because having a university degree is important. I had no choice but to agree with him giving my parents the condition that i will go back, only if they looked for another school for me. Then came December that year where I went to have an interview with the principal of the new  school.


This school is a semi-detached house consisting of 12 students in total. In Malaysia, this is a form of ‘Homeschooling’. Unlike in western countries, where the parents are involved in homeschooling their children, supported by a community of homeschooling families. During my interview, they prepared a few tests for me and from my results, they decided that i was only good for year 6 (in my previous school i was supposed to be already in year 10). A young boy, at only 15 years of age, I felt crushed having to degrade several levels. You should be able to guess what happened next. School started at the first week of January and I started skipping school from my first week.


To cut the long story short, I was transferred back to my previous school and my formal principal took me back with open arms and put me back to year 10. This lasted only until October, when i finished the last paper that year, where I told my Dad AGAIN that I was really tired of being in school and yes, I left. My friends were so shocked to hear me leaving school when all i had left was to complete my final year!


Now i’m being tutored from home and completing my final year. I have grown up over all these years and thanks to my tutor, i can finally can prepare my journey in higher education.


This time, i’m not going to let anything to stop me.
Follow me as i journey to discover my passion and finding the right path for my higher education together with the help of Stellar Student Services.

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