A day with Professor P’ng (Director of Institute of Music, UCSI University)

What are some of the career paths your students can explore after completing their studies in Music?

I would say there are 5 main categories of music careers that our students can explore. They are Performance, Education, Music Therapy, Music Production or Music/Event Administration. We do have students who ventured out of the music career and they are very successful in their own areas. That is because in our program, students learn lifelong skills such as perseverance, they will have the abilities to overcome life obstacles and not afraid of repetitive work.

What makes the Institute of Music of UCSI stand out among the rest of the schools?

We started in 1990 and back then we were the first private institution in Malaysia to offer music studies at tertiary level. We provide one-on-one weekly lessons for instrument studies and we also have a track record of 90% employment rate for our students upon graduation. More notably if you look at our staff list, they practically read like who’s who in the music industry in Malaysia and that’s really a strength.

What are the programs that the Institute of Music offers at the moment?

There is Foundation in Music where we prepare our students for either one of our two music degree programs (Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons) and Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons)). After which they can also pursue a Master of Music (Performance Studies) degree.

Would you like to share some of your student’s achievement?

Our Students have won long list of awards and achievement from events such as the Malaysian Jazz Festivals, the National Classical Singing Competition, Chin Yong Music Festival, MYOF Music Festivals and many more to be mentioned. Sometimes the people competing in these competitions are professionals who are doing it for many years, and to see our students winning the finals really does say something.

What are some of the entry requirements if a student wishes to pursue his/her education in Music?

To pursue an education in Music, one must meet both academic and music requirements and the requirements vary at different levels. For music requirements, we will test them on their Performing Skills, Aural Skills, Listening Skills and Theoretical Knowledge.

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