Your ATTITUDE decides your ALTITUDE!

Securing a job as a fresh graduate is a complicated & tough process. Many of Malaysian graduates are losing tonnes of opportunities in getting a job.

In the year of 2016, there were 200,000 unemployed graduates said The Malaysia Employers Federation (MEF). The number does not include students who sat for SPM, Diplomas & Certificates.

The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education & JobStreet did a few surveys on local graduates & their employment patterns in 2016. The image below states the results.

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“IMPRACTICAL EXPECTATIONS, SUBSTANDARD COMMUNICATION SKILLS and INADEQUATE ENGLISH LEVEL these show the truth why graduates are unable to secure a job.” Jobstreet country Manager said nothing else but only to agree!

Fresh graduates should focus on improving their attitude & character instead of continuing to moan about the lack of employment opportunities that do not require any experience. – Chook (Country Manager of Jobstreet), report by Free Malaysia Today (FMT) on 9, February.

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