Top Study Tips for Final Exams

Your results are the most important application element that college / universities look into! Your final exam results determine and portray your pathway to colleges. Don’t wait until the very last minute to start studying for your final exam.

1. Create a schedule
Figure out how many days and what are the subjects to revise. Set the duration on each day for each subject. Mark your calendar with all the tests dates! If it is planned out with a schedule, you will follow the schedule and hold on to it.

2. Pull together all study materials
Notes, worksheets, previous tests, assignments, reference books & etc! Organize them and do a recap on those study materials! It helps to refresh your mind on the previous topics covered and learnt.

3. Organize all your materials into a format that’s easiest for you to review
After gathering all your study materials, it is time to put them into a proper sequence. This will help you to study them easier! You may use colours as coding or outline.

4. Use different study methods to remember information
You’d be amazed on tricks like mnemonic devices can help you to remember important information. Rhymes, songs, acronyms, poems & others are helpful as well!

5. Take a break
Give your brain some “recess time” in between your study schedules! Just like your body needs rest after being active all day. This will increase your focus ability and return to study with a more energetic mind!

6. Sleep early in the night!
Sleep is extremely essential! You don’t burn midnight oil. Studies have shown that staying up late to study will actually hurt your performance on test-day, not improve it.

7. Ask for help if you need it
Ask your friends or reach iut to your teachers on revision. Studying with a few of your friends could be an effective way, tutoring is also a good alternative.

The stress of final exams & preparing for college could be high, take your time to design your own study plan and you’ll be well prepared for your final exams!

All the best to you!

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