How will Electronic & Technology change your school & classroom?

What leads schools to the future is to be shapeless and out of box. Most educators & spectators agree & believe in the capital letter E.

What defines the letter ‘E’? – GO ELECTRONIC

Computers / laptops will become an important tool for an effective school in the future.

Students will hear & see their teachers on computers, with “remote learning” which will become a trend. They will enter “classrooms” on their home computers, learning with convenient methods.

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Photo source: Education World, INC

The Real-Life School of the Future
Public schools in the U.S. aim to bring the future into the present. A.C.T. Academy in McKinney, Texas a real “school of the future”.

The goal of A.C.T.: Learn through all the different kinds of resources that real life offers.

In A.C.T, knowledge is “actively built by the learner’s knowledge, attitudes & values”. Worldly Technology is in place to help striving towards gaining knowledge.

250 Academy students all have access to a computer.

– 12 – 18 year old each have their own computer.
– 7 – 11 year old have one portable computer for every 2 students.
– 5 & 6 year old use computers at fixed stations.

Moreover, students use multimedia computers, printers & other electronic devices as effective research tools.

Working Toward Future Schools
The Center for the School of the Future (CSF) is the brainchild of the College of Education at Utah State University. The mission of the center is to:

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Photo source: Education World, INC

Technology is Key
No matter what the forms of schools are, technology will always play a big role. Using computers in playing games or word processing is already behind us. Champions of technology say, “To the greater end of letting students learn through interaction with various aspects of life.”
Are you prepared to go ‘E’?

Are you able to be a part of our community to lead our schools to “The School Of The Future?”

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Photo source: Education World, INC

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