Get inspired: Let’s get to know Kelly Limerick & Crochet!

Let’s get to know about Kelly Limerick & Crochet! Have you ever heard of Crochet?

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Crochet simply means, small hook from French. It is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook.

Kelly Limerick aka Kelly Lim, Singapore – born artist picked up the skills of crochet when she was 7 years old (1977) inspired by her mom. Despite her mom’s hurtful words, “I wish i never taught you this” she has creatively come up with her own creative design for knitting & crochet. She can make anything out of Yarn.

At 23, She started a project entitled HANANA, which explored mythical Japanese monsters, constructed them into abstract creations and dreadlocks but it didn’t fulfil her.

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Rather than meeting the expectations of people & not giving her 100%, she changed her perspective in art after a stay in Japan. She was very impressed and had high interest with interactive art where people are able to see & touch in Setouchi Triennale, Japan. Then she found her passion! She likes creating random art in the urban landscape.

“There’s a bit of a rebellious streak in it when people take yarn and bomb urban landscapes. It’s very haphazard, it’s very random. And that’s what I like about it.”


Photo source: CNA Insider

Media noticed her artwork and expressed love in them but not everyone is a fan. Thou her parents expected her to be a doctor / lawyer in the future, she continues to work her dreams and concentrate to make it come true.


Photo source: CNA Insider

“I think it was a huge shock to my parents because I went to a good secondary school, like it was an ‘elite’ school. They all expected me to do well, to go to university and to be a doctor or a lawyer.”

The National Heritage Board commissioned her work, which was displayed at 3 heritage institutes in June 2017.


Photo source: CNA Insider

“This project is definitely the biggest one that I’ve done in my career as a crochet artist so far. I find that such an honour.”

“Every piece of work has a bit of my soul in it.”

“My big dream is to change Singaporeans’ perspective of art, and to let them realise that art isn’t something you can only see in the galleries.”

Find meaning in what you like and go for it because art is never finished! Choose ICAD (De Institute of Creative Arts & Design) – where the “magic” begins.

ICAD offers unique art & design programmes that seek to equip students with fundamental knowledge, creativity & competencies needed in today’s dynamic marketplace.

ICAD E-Gallery:

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Academic programmes:
– Diploma in 3D Animation Design
– Diploma in Fashion Design
– Diploma in Graphic Design

– BCA (Hons) 3D Animation Design
– BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Marketing
– BA (Hons) Multimedia Design
– BA (Hons) Graphic Design

– Master of Arts & Design

For more info about ICAD:
Tel: +6018 970 2116
Address: No 139, Jalan Beringin, Melodies Garden, 80250 Johor Bahru.

Photo Source: CNA Insider,, ICAD
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