Do you know how to choose the right University for yourself?

Great tips & guidance you can adopt here:
1. Don’t restrict yourself to peer or your family members’ perspective on courses.

Every Universities has its own power and deficiency on their courses. Visit campuses and open days to get better direction on choosing the right course.
2. Do not have doubt on the entry requirements to your course.

Entry requirements show the purpose of number of places available for those who are keen to enrol to degree courses.

If you do not have flying colours to enrol to do double degree courses, you may choose to do general degree instead. From there, you may transfer in.

More often, general degree courses offers more choices on double degree courses.
3. Visit and find out a variety of Universities instead of one or two.

Despite the popularity and faculties, focus on activities, opportunities on international exchange programmes, internships & etc in a University.
4. Universities aren’t job traning centres. Many jobs may not be invented yet when you are still studying. Have confident in the course you choose and make the best out of it! You are doing the most rational thing on building your career path.
5. Push yourself to excel not only in your results, but socially as well as intellectually. These are the greatest values! They help a lot on your career after graduating.



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Accessed by: February 27, 2017

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